Essential Oils Benefits and How to Get Started

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This post may contain affiliate links which simply helps you find the stuff I love a lot easier! To read my super boring privacy and disclosure policy, click here.

One of the most common and ancient uses for essential oils is in aromatherapy. The powerful medicinal qualities of scents have been healing the mind, body, and soul for centuries.

But the love of essential oils goes beyond how amazing they smell… and they do smell amazing! Countless medical studies (and moms like me) know essential oils are very effective in helping conditions like sleep issues, stress and anxiety, headaches, reducing inflammation in the body, and have strong antimicrobial properties.

And that’s just a few benefits!

 **Pardon the interruption, but if you came to this page to get started right away simple scroll to the bottom of the page.**

 My family has personally experienced these and many more benefits that have made us all believers and life-long users. In fact, my kids go running for my oils kit before I do!

 Not because they see me doing it but because they know when something works and when it doesn’t. They remember what really helped them feel better, stop coughing, fall asleep like a rock and so on.

Why I’ll Never Stop Using Essential Oils with my Family

 One of my daughter’s ended up coming in contact with a severe case of molluscum contagiosum. It’s a highly aggressive and very contagious skin virus that causes skin blisters all over the affected area.

In the case with my daughter it spread all over her hands. She’s a dancer so we think she came in contact with the virus by repeatedly touching the dance studio floor. Gross!

This was a big deal for her because as a dancer she dances closely with her partners and she had to basically tell everyone about this condition and stop touching anyone. She was pretty cool about the whole thing but it wasn’t an ideal situation for a blossoming teenage girl.

I took her to the doctor and she was confirmed of the diagnosis and to make a very long story short, she was given two different aggressive creams after both not working at all and actually making the blisters spread faster!

I searched the internet to look for a natural alternative and I can across a study where this condition was cured using essential oils! You know I was all-in but skeptical, of course.

The recipe was coconut oil, 20 drops of tea tree oil mixed with iodine. That’s it! And you’re not going to believe what happened.

Within 24 hours (literally by the next morning) the blisters were going down and many were disappearing. We were overjoyed to say the least. I felt so much relief and with in three days the bumps were hardly visible and a week her symptoms were completely gone.

We kept up the treatment for a couple weeks and returned to the doctor for her follow up. I shared our treatment with the doctor and she was so stunned she wrote down the recipe to use to treat future patients and she became a believer that day, for sure!

How I Started My Reluctant Journey with Essential Oils

I very reluctantly got started with essential oils because I saw them as more of an expensive luxury item than something I really had to have.

But one thing about me is I highly respect the value of something. If I know I’m not only saving money but buying something of great value because of their high quality… I’m in!

And that’s why I jumped all in with Young Living Essential Oils. I know I’m not getting watered down and diluted oils, synthetic oils, or ones with fillers or additives. In fact, with Young Living oils you get the absolute purest and most potent concentration of that plant-based oil you can buy.

This is backed by their Seed to Seal promise. What Seed to Seal means is that Young Living controls the entire process of producing these pure, therapeutic grade oils from the seed in the ground to the oil in the bottle.

Why Young Living Oils Are Really the Best Value!

From carefully selecting the seeds they plant, to ensuring the highest standards through the cultivation and growing process, to using innovative distilling all the way to bottling and sealing each oil to make sure you receive the very best essential oil available for you and your family.

This is why I love Young Living oils. They even own their own farms and fields so you know they’re pesticide free. They’ve made the decision to grow plants in their indigenous region. Which is pretty cool… for example, Frankincense is harvested from the resin growing on trees in Oman.

And here’s another point added to their value… Young Living’s oils are highly concentrated with no fillers added to the bottle. They use the first distillation while other companies use the fifth or sixth press.

Look at it this way – if you were making a pot of coffee, the first pot you brew will be very strong. The perfect cup of coffee, really. If you keep running more water through without adding more grounds, the coffee would still be pure and natural but dramatically less concentrated!

This means there’s no need to add extra fillers like with a lot of other oils on the market now. This means you’re also getting more for your money! Your oils are much more potent so only the smallest drops get the job done. Cha-ching.

Essential Oils 101 – The Quick and Dirty Guide!

There are three ways to use Young Living Essential Oils: aromatically, ingesting, topically.

Aromatically means to breathe in the oils. The easiest way to use essential oils aromatically is to use a diffuser. You get a beautiful one in your Premium Starter Kit!

You can also make a roller bottle and rolls those oils on your skin or just drop them directly into your hands and breathe them in that way too.

Ingesting your oils means to swallow them – either by adding them to your food or drink or by filling a vegetable capsule. Not all oils are made to be ingested, so please refer to the label of each oil for proper usage instructions.

NOTE: All “Vitality” oils are part of Young Living’s dietary oils line and are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and can be ingested if you choose to do so.

To use topically means to apply directly to the body. We always recommend you dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil – like coconut oil or almond oil – this helps to deliver or carry the oils into your skin and also help your oils last much longer without compromising their effectiveness.

Carrier oils are very important to help stretch your essential oils, both to help carry the oils to a greater area on the body and to adjust the heat in hot oils, plus it just makes your oils last longer!

All New Young Living Starter Kit 2019

Now let’s talk about the Premium Starter Kit. This is the absolutely best and most cost effective way to get started with essential oils!

I just bought the latest Premium Starter Kit because of the value in getting all the popular oils and I get an additional diffuser which I really needed! And the 2019 PSK comes with an additional oil!

Plus, one of Young Living’s famous oil blends Valor is back!

Oil users love the kits because it’s the absolute best place to start – you now get 12 of the most popular oils, a diffuser, plus a bunch of other stuff to get started.

Here’s a breakdown of the oils in the new 2019 Premium Starter Kit:

Q. What are the new contents of the 2019 Premium Starter Kits?

A. The new PSKs include Valor® 5 ml, Peace & Calming® 5 ml, Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier 1-ounce bottle, extra AromaGlide Roller Fitment, Young Living Lifestyle Booklet, and an updated tray/display insert.

Q. What was removed from the previous PSKs?

A. Copaiba 5 ml and the printed distributor agreement were removed from the Premium Starter Kits. Citrus Fresh™ was also changed to Citrus Fresh Vitality™.

Here’s the full contents of the 2019 Premium Starter Kit:

Dewdrop of Desert Mist Diffuser (Your Choice)

Thieves Vitality 5-ml

Peppermint Vitality 5-ml

Lemon Vitality 5-ml

DiGize Vitality 5-ml

Frankincense 5-ml

Lavender 5-ml

Raven 5-ml

Citrus Fresh 5-ml

PanAway 5-ml

Valor 5-ml

Peace & Calming 5-ml

Stress Away™ 5-ml (bonus oil!)

2 AromaGlide™ Roller Fitments

2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples

Thieves Hand Purifier

Thieves Cleaner sample packet

Product Guide and Product Price List

Wholesale membership (included with no obligation to buy or sell anything!)

How to Order Your Premium Starter Kit

When you purchase a Young Living Premium Starter Kit through my referral number (#14494900), I will personally send you a special welcome package that includes…

  • An Essential Oils 101 Guide on everything you need to know about safely and effectively using your new kit. Plus, diffuser and roller bottle recipes using only the oils in your kit.
  • Access to a private Facebook community where you can learn, ask questions and hear from hundreds of other essential oil users just like you.

If you are ready to buy a starter kit, then be sure to sign up as a wholesale member (with one of the premium starter kits) through the instructions below before this deal ends!

1. Head over to the Young Living page here and fill out your information.

*Signing up as a wholesale member does not mean you have to ever sell anything and doesn’t make you a distributor. It simply gives you that option if you so choose and the ability to make Young Living Oil purchases at cheaper prices (24% off)*

2. Be sure the “Wholesale Member” option is checked so that you don’t end up paying retail prices

3. Be sure the “sponsor ID” and “enroller id” says 14494900 (so that I can send you your extras!)

4. Fill in your member info.

Enter your information and the billing info you would like under your account. Make sure your address is correct so all your oily goodness arrives at the right place.

5. Select the premium starter kit you want to purchase (there are several to choose from).

You get to pick which diffuser you want to come with the kit! My honest recommendation is the 2019 Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist Diffuser. I love it a lot more than my Dew Drop diffuser.

6. Go through the checkout process.

7. Finally to get your freebies, you’ll need to send me an email to let me know you’ve made your purchase. Please send me a quick proof of purchase and I’ll respond with all your goodies and add you to the Facebook group!  

Email directly to me at with the subject line – Premium Starter Kit Sign Up.

It’s that simple! Also, if you’ve got some burning you really need to ask before making your kit purchase, please feel free to ask away at my email above. Just put in the subject – Premium Starter Kit Question and I’ll respond asap.

I can’t wait to help you on your oily journey!!

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